Julie Hermann

Realtor | Executive Team

julieh@juliepogue.com · (732) 569-4000

Julie has lived and worked in Louisville for almost 20 years. After working in collegiate sports for over 30 years, Julie has returned to Louisville to do what she loves the most, finding clients a happy home.

Having lived in the Highlands, Prospect, St. Matthews and the Highlands again, Julie knows the city streets, homes and park trails of Louisville intimately

During her time at the University of Louisville, Julie received numerous community awards and served on several local and national boards, including Women Leaders of College Sports, WE Coach and NCAA committees. Her leadership in sports at the University helped create over 80 conference titles and countless NCAA opportunities for U of L students.

Her long time passion for real estate and architecture served the University well and will now work to help you find and secure your vision of a happy home.