Not long ago, I read a very good book by Keith Ferrazzi titled Who's Got Your Back? Now it is fairly self-evident that there's a lot of value in building particularly strong relationships with a small group of people.  These are people you trust and who trust you, who are wise, insightful and are willing to spend significant time with you because you make each other better.  Mentors, advisors, friends–all of those titles apply.  Most people are lucky if they find a  handful of such people in their lives.  

Finding and cultivating this inner circle is what Who's Got Your Back? focuses on.  I am a huge believer in the power of mentors.  I've worked hard cultivating mentors for myself and being for others in need.  According to a 2006 study in American Sociological Review, the average person has only two confidants, and 25% of people have none at all! In an ever more complex world, confidants and advisors are more than ever before–yet people have fewer of them.  

Ferazzi makes the case for how valuable 'lifeline' relationships are, focusing on ways that such relationships are critical.  He then talks about four m ind-sets–more like traits, actually–that when cultivated; provide the foundation for building such 'lifeline' relationships.  They include generosity, vulnerability, candor and accountability.  These four traits need to be in both mentor and receiver in order for the relationship to succeed.  Otherwise bouncing ideas freely, receiving criticism and truly growing as a person in your ideas and goals will not weather a long-term relationship.  He also goes on to teach you how to build your dream team and make it your life.  

To put it simply, I loved this book.  The material in it applies well to virtually everyone, particularly people who may need that extra push.  What appeals to me is that everything is underscored with giving of one's self.  Paying it forward is a strategy that has never, ever failed me in life.  This one is already o n my re-read list.  I plan to let the contents of it sink in for a while, then give it another read-through in a few months.

You can be sure that I will have your back as I represent you in your real estate transactions.  It is a philosophy that has built my business into the success that it is today!

I hope everyone has a terrific week!