At one point or another, we've all been lost.

We've misunderstood the directions we were given.  Not knowing what needs to be done next with an important project.  Or maybe just felt lost in a huge classroom full of students, like one of hundreds of faces that no one recognizes.

Sometimes, buying or selling a house can feel just like that.  

When I decided to start my own real estate business, one of my primary goals was to make sure our clients never feel lost.

Thus, the boutique idea was born.

One of my favorite things about living in Anchorage is that most everyone knows everyone.  Our children go to school together.  Our neighbors work at the school.  The mail carrier knows everyone by name.  When I go out to eat, the servers know me by name.  

That's how I want our clients to feel when they come to us to buy or sell a house.  I want our agents to get to know each client as a person, not a file number.  I want us to get to know our clients' lifestyles, their needs and what they are looking for that can help make their house a home.

Because everyone's needs don't fit into the same big box.

At Julie Pogue Properties, we want to learn about you and your needs.  We want to put you in a location that's close to your work or school, depending on which is more important to you.  We want to know if you need a big back yard, or if you don't want a lawn to have to maintain.

Each and every client who walks through our door is important.  Each deserves service that is unique to them–not service mandated by a company handbook.

This service is what sets Julie Pogue Properties apart from the rest.