When you are ready to buy or sell a home, remember that a real estate transaction is very complicated, involving a great deal of money and risk.  A local agent is always the safest choice.

Local agents know their towns better than anyone else.  Using a local Realtor® is in your best interest because they have pledged their code of conduct/ethics to a standard set by the National Realtor Association.  They have your best interest in mind because they are committed to a long-term career in real estate and are continually upgrading their knowledge in the real estate market.

A local agent will have superior market knowledge.  A good local agent knows the inventory inside and out and will be able to more easily pick out homes that are a good fit for you.

A local agent will know the schools and quite possibly have personal experience with the school system.  This will enable them to share valuable information with you.

A local agent will be an expert on the neighborhoods.  Not only will they know all of the specific neighborhoods, but often have friends and clients in each one that can be made available to you if needed.  Hearing from people who already live in a neighborhood you are considering can prove to be very helpful when it comes time to make decisions.

A local agent will have strong relationships with other agents.  A good local agent will network with other local agents to get information you will never find online.  They will know about homes that may be coming on the market in the future or learn about a seller who has suddenly become 'highly motivated' and is open to offers.

A local agent is overall in the know.  Real estate gossip gets discussed in small circles in every community like at parent association meetings and at the local sports field.  While most agents will never learn this 'insider information,' a local agent hears these things and will share them with their clients.

A local agent will make sure you get settled in and connected with persons in your new neighborhood.  They can help you with doctors, dry cleaners, veterinarians, churches and the like.

And remember to use that agent relationship when you get ready to relocated.  They can research and find a comparable agent for you in your new market that will keep your agent in the loop as you look for your new home.  It is always advantageous to have a second pair of eyes that already knows and cares about you watching your back as you try and locate that new home in a new market.

We at Julie Pogue Properties are always committed to helping you find that perfect home and are also willing to help you find excellent agents in other markets, if and when the time comes to relocate.  Please don't hesitate to use our expertise and know that you can recommend us with confidence.

Have a terrific week!