Moving into a new home is an exciting time but if you’re trying to sell your home you may want to wait before moving everything out.

Though a vacant home is easy to show it can be difficult for potential homeowners to imagine themselves in the space. Empty homes, especially those with a higher listing price, may stay on the market longer than homes that appear lived in.

An unoccupied home can highlight its opportunities such as: chipped paint, cracks and faded walls or floors, making potential buyers more leery to write a contract or they may underbid the home because they know the homeowner has already moved on.

Staging is a term realtors and designers use to discuss options on increasing they overall curb appeal of your home inside and out. Designers will work with the homeowner to create a cozy atmosphere allowing buyers to imagine how they and their belongings would fit in the home.

When you create an inviting, clean, spacious and well-maintained look, you immediately set your home apart from others. The overall effect will increase traffic and ideally a faster sale time.

Staging doesn’t have to be a long or cost-prohibitive process. If you haven’t completely moved yet, designers can help you decide what pieces of furniture to leave behind to create that live-in look. They can also help de-clutter your home to show off its strengths. Depending on the size and challenges your home may face, some designers may recommend furniture rental in addition to painting, landscaping and new flooring options.