I recently worked with Julie Pogue while accompanying my 25-year-old son as he searched for and purchased his first home.  I did not know Julie prior to this.  I work with Julie’s husband at UPS, so I suggested Julie when my son was considering realtors, and I’m glad I did.  Julie is a go-getter!  From the beginning of our search, I felt very confident she understood exactly what my son wanted, and that she was looking under every rock for him to get the best deal.  She showed us at least a dozen homes in the area my son was interested in.  Wouldn’t you know, the house he was convinced was for him already had an offer on it — and it was its first day on the market.  He wanted Julie to make it happen for him.  And she did.  She put in 200% to make the deal work out and to get him that house.  I’m just glad she was on my team at the negotiating table and not on the other side!  She also helped my son secure financing, which is no small task for a young person in today’s real estate market, and to close the transaction smoothly.  My son is now happily settled into his new home, and we are both grateful to Julie for working so hard to get him there.

Chris Dabbikeh